Measure Gas Concentration and Make Alarms High Accuracy 1%LEL Combustible Gas Detector CH4 Methane Monitor for Home and Industry.

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Measure Gas Concentration and Make Alarms High Accuracy 1%LEL Combustible Gas Detector CH4 Methane Monitor for Home and Industry.
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Technische Daten
Place of Origin: Beijing, China
Markenname: Dashine
Model Number: DSC2H2
Detecting type: methane, butane, propane
color: yellow
size: 105*55*30.5mm
Measure Range: 0-100%LEL
Sensor: Catalytic
Function: measure the gas concentration and make alarms
Protection grade: IP54
Alarm Type: Sound+Light Alarm
Certificate: RoHS/CE/EX/MA
Power supply: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Place of Origin: Beijing, China
Markenname: Dashine
Zertifizierung: RoHS/CE/EX/MA
Model Number: DSC2H2
Zahlung und Versand AGB
Packaging Details: paper carton
Supply Ability: 3000 Set/Sets per Month

Methane Gas Detection & Sensors

Methane (Hydrocarbon) is an odorless gas with the chemical formula of CH4. Methane is flammable and combustible with oxygen. Methane is one of the primary components of natural gas, so it is readily found in the environment and used in a diverse range of applications. Methane has a lower explosion limit of 5.0%.

Since methane has no color or odor but can seep in through cracks in the floor, combustible gas detector is essential for any plant or refinery where methane is present.  Our portable explosive gas detector can test the methane , butane and probane ,etc gases concentration and make alarms to warn workers safety. 


Features for this combustible gas monitor

Portable flammable methane gas detecting monitor

  •  Intrinsically safe, CE certified, Ex
  • Low power consumption LED display
  • Charging dock for a easier access to recharging
  •  Fully configurable alarm point, 0-100%LEL
  • 4 layer PCB board OEM & ODM design
  •  External sampling pump is available for gas leak detection
  • Customized gas combination, private labe & Logo

 External View for this combustible methane gas detector: 





Technical specification:



Technical indicator


Measuring range


Measurement error


Resolution ratio



Liquid crystal display(LCD)display

Response time

≤45s (T90)

Alarm sound intensity


Alarm light

≥20M visible

Alarm point

can be set  in full proceed (factory setting 10ppm)

Alarm way

Sound, light

Continuous working time

>3 months ( without backlight)

Sensor lifetime

≥2 year

Working current

< 1mA ( without backlight)

Battery model


Charging time

4-5 hours

Protection degree





Besides our own gas detectors, we have customized many kinds of gas detectors for our customers in the world. We can customize the plastic enclosure, pcb for gas detectors, and the whole gas detectors according to customer's requirement. 



Beijing Dashiweiye Tech Co., Ltd. Is a technology innovation enterprise specialized in portable gas detectors manufacturing and customization for personal monitoring using in industry and household.   We also builded a new company "shiantech" in 2013 year to specialized in the production for the gas detectors. 



If you want to design and make your own plastic case of the gas detectors,  

If you want to develop your own complete gas detectors 

If you want to find a factory supplier for your own lable gas detectors 

If you want to buy some gas detectors directly,

                                                                        Please contact with me freely 




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