SS-168P Smoke Detector Remote Control Fire Alarm

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SS-168P Smoke Detector Remote Control Fire Alarm
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Technische Daten
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Markenname: Winston
Model Number: SS-168P
Special Features: Remote Control
Battery lifetime: MORE
Usage: SMOKE
Name: smoke alarm sensor
Zertifizierung: CE
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Markenname: Winston
Zertifizierung: CE
Model Number: SS-168P
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SS-168P smoke detector fire alarm

The wireless independent type smog sensor is suitable installs in thefew smoke, endures the smoke place survey smog ion, passes Anter goodsmog alarm
Can accurately examine the smog, when the smog densitysurpasses limits the quantity, the sensor sends out the acousto-opticwarning, and considers to the gathering output
Police signal. The detector use battery power supply, the powerloss is low. When battery power supply insufficiency has owes pressesthe pilot signal.

Technical parameter:
Power source: 9VDC battery
Wireless frequency 315MHz, the chip 2,262, jump the line code.
Operating current: The static electricity electric current is smallerthan 10uA, reports to the police the operating current between10-30mA;
Output form: Does the contact, when the security outputs leads theway, reports to the police when outputs short-circuits, the impedanceis smaller than 50W;
Smog sensitivity: Conforms to the UL 217 standards;
The factory tests the accurate value for each foot 3.2% weak ashessmoke, the sensor has the response;
Working conditions: -5 °C - 50 °C, 10 - 90% does not have thecondensation;
Buzzer loudness intensity: 10 feet place are 85 decibels.

Size: 105mmX25mm
Box size :34cmX57cmX42cm;


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